An American dental team join us
and the Daughters of Charity
of St. Vincent de Paul
(with whom we share our new Children's Centre in Cajamarca).
Dr. Maria Kunstadter, two daughters and four friends from the United States, plus two Peruvian helpers came up to Cajamarca with Bruce and Ana Tere to treat as many of our children as we could in the one day the dental team were available to us.
First thing in the morning parents brought the children of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.
Our nimble dental team had them all treated and fixed up by eleven O'clock, and were ready for more little mouths to treat.
Tha last group to come for treatment were children from the original Bruce Peru centre in Cajamarca. We had worked with them from March through November. On the first of December we transfered the centre into what we thought would be the able hands of some of our ex volunteers.

They were a bit wilder than when we had last seen them, but the nuns soon had them under control and ready to line up for their dental treatment.

When the last instruments were steralized and packed away, and the dental team were ready to pose for the group photo (above), they had treated just under 100 poor children.
The second group to arrive little orphan girls, shepherded by Bruce from the Belen Orphanage (with whom we also work). They are so adorable and well behaved/  

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