Bruce Peru: Educating Street Kids
Update: Cajamarca, Peru, May 2009
Since last reporting we have acquired a sponsor, returned to Cajamaeca and completed the preparatory work to open one of our schools in the Bellavista Barrio - to open week of 25 May and inaugurated the first of June. We have also entered into an affiliate relationship with the Ministry of Education, pertaining to our operating one of our schools inside an existing state facility (Centro de Educacion Basica Alternativo "Andres Avelino Caceres" de los Baños del Inca) - we will begin the implementation of this secong project upon our return to Cajamarca in June.
Barrio Bellavista Cajamarca
Ready to receive our Escuela Inicial
Five steps required to open a new school
1 - Survey to assure enough qualified children.
2 - Engage Community Coordinator for school.
3 - Recruit enough children to start initial class.
4 - Engage qualified, licensed teacher.
5 - Secure adequate quarters for the school.
1 - Survey during school hours to assess level of poverty & No. of qualified children.
2 - Ana Tere W/Luz - Community Coordinator [] 3 - House 2 house: recruiting kids.
4 - We engaged a known good teacher, Gladys [] 5 - Property No.6 we rented.
Contract of affiliating between CEBA and Bruce Peru, 16 May 2009 [Click to read]
Siging convention to collaborate with the Ministry of Education
in Cajamarca
In enter the search phrase "Educate Street Kids". Result: often several of the first 10 returns will be pages to do with our work.
Note: For mothers who are too desparately poor to let their children stop working and go to school, we have projects to help them earn their own living so their children no longer have to work in order for the family to survive..